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The FCA's strategic objective is to ensure that the relevant markets work well. To support this we have 3 operational objectives:

  • to secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers
  • to protect and enhance the integrity of the UK financial system
  • to promote effective competition in the interests of consumers

There are few jobs where you can make a real difference to the two million people who work in the UK financial services industry, the 40 million consumers of financial products, and the stability of our economy as a whole.

From regulating consumer credit to driving action on foreign exchange manipulation or helping to strengthen accountability in the banking sector, we work with the industry to protect consumers, ensure the integrity of the UK financial system, and promote fair and effective competition.

Our remit has expanded significantly since our creation in 2013, with the number of firms we regulate growing from 23,000 to 73,000. We oversee conduct across the full span of the financial sector from global investment banks to high street payday lenders, and are now implementing a new strategy that will sharpen our focus to face the regulatory challenges ahead.

Our people are integral to our success as an organisation, working alongside industry, visiting firms and speaking to consumers every day as we strive to ensure we are setting the standard for other regulatory bodies across the world.

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Where do you fit in?

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