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Our operational objectives are:

  • to secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers
  • to protect and enhance the integrity of the UK financial system
  • to promote effective competition in the interests of consumers

We've opened the doors to the new Financial Conduct Authority. It's not just about being given new powers and a fresh remit. Our responsibilities extend to all consumers, whatever their age or financial circumstances and whether an individual, small company or a major participant in the wholesale markets.

The challenge for us in building the FCA is to use the full range of our powers under the new legislation to make financial markets work well, so that everyone can use the UK's financial services with renewed confidence. This is your chance to explore an exciting range of career opportunities creating an environment supportive of good conduct but where incentives and opportunities for bad behaviour are low and potential costs are high.

Where do you fit in?

Find out which part of our structure you could fit in to.

Where do you fit in?

Work abroad

Join the FCA and you'll have the chance to take up a secondment abroad after just a year.

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Great opportunities

Now is the time to join the FCA. There are fantastic opportunities for graduates to make a difference to how the financial services industry works.

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